Driving social, economic and environmental change through profitable solutions.


About us

Blue Planet Environmental Ltd was incorporated in 2018 and is the holding company for profitable projects that deliver environmental and social returns . After 1 year of planning, the first project in the waste to energy sector is ready to mobilise.


What we do

Blue Planet Environmental Ltd apply capitalist methodologies to social and environmental problems. Either we build solutions of our own, or we identify high potential early stage companies and brings to it the resources and capability needed to scale.  


How we operate

We are an ethical and socially driven enterprise. We operate our business as well as the projects we build, invest in, or acquire according to the principles of our values based corporate culture. We measure our success on the social, environmental and financial performance of our projects.


Who we help

We help countries that are in need of adequate housing, schools, hospitals, other infrastructure and environmental solutions. We work collaboratively with government, non government organisations and aid agencies to deliver solutions to communities in dire need.